19 Reasons to Set Down your Phone

19 Reasons to Set Down your Phone

When was the last time you met someone who didn’t own a mobile phone? Everyone has one and they are part of our lives. But there is a huge problem occurring… people don’t know when enough is enough. I’m no different.

There has been so many times I’ve chosen scrolling my Instagram over the conversation in front of me. Sometimes I see my phone light up and zone out of where I am. Often I say I’m looking something up but never set my mobile back down… And I haven’t even covered how annoyed I feel when someone chooses their phone over me!

There are so many reasons why we DO need to set our phones down and use them more wisely. I’m a victim to my mobile phone and I am fed up losing out to the world around me just to check that snapchat, get that photo instead of being in the moment or replying to a text that definitely can wait. I am done with missing what someone said that’s important and having to awkwardly say i didn’t hear. I am done sitting around a table with friends with no conversation because everyone’s thumbs are attached a screen.!

Lets set our phones in a pile for dinner, keep our screens in our bags and pockets and enjoy peoples company, the car journey or even the silence. Let’s be a generation who proves the “oldies” wrong about us and our phones. This world is beautiful, much more beautiful that experiencing it on a device!

Here are some of the reasons we really should set down our phones more often and see what comes from it!

1 You will have battery when you need it most! And spend less time walking around trying to find a charger!

2 You ever feel quite alone? Well your phone may feel like a best friend but its nurturing that loneliness instead of solving it. Your media accounts makes you feel like your missing out if you’re not in those photos or posts, the lack of messages when it looks like everyone has too many to reply to makes you just feel unpopular and the huge list of friends but none of them know you just does not help your mental health at all… set it down and let that fake alone-ness fade away.

3 You will be more approachable, meaning more interaction and more relationships with the people around you! If you’re on your phone, people will think you are ‘busy’ and avoid you. Take in your surroundings and you’ll be blown away by the number of conversations that will happen or the random people who’ll sit down beside you!

4 Envious or jealous? Yup, it is driven by that ‘amazing’ life that someone has created on the internet… step away, stop the stalking and remember that’s just the outside of someone’s life, the bits they want you to see. Maybe try talking to the person you want to know more about, build a friendship or find out their real-life story with the facade aside!

5 Earphones are useful for walking around or traveling, but remember to let the world back in!

6 Get creative with your time when you get bored instead of using Facebook or Insta as a time filler. Who knows, coloring in may just be the ultimate relaxation device for you. Maybe you will start knitting, or going for short walks, or visiting your granny, or baking something, or building model cars… who knows but if you try something new instead of jumping into your screen, you’ll see phones are not the be all, end all and you will develop as a person more!

7 Why you gotta be so rude? Honestly, being on your phone at the table or with family/friends is rude. There are acceptable times to be on it, but there is a majority of time where just enjoying the company, even if it’s in silence, which is far more rewarding than looking at memes for hours!

8 The power of talking over texting cannot be denied! Conversation is very limited through text and more than often can wait till you see the person. Use texts more carefully, especially when you’re in company… those long texts usually can wait cause they are full of nonsense or not time sensitive!!

9 Think sitting on your phone makes the situation less awkward – it has the opposite effect! Everyone else feels awkward, they feel like you’d rather be somewhere else, they feel like you would rather they left or that you hate the company. If you need to fidget to get by, fiddle with a napkin or maybe just ride out that impulse and find you can spend a full 2 hours without a glance at your phone! It is hard to begin but soon it’ll be natural!

10 Your eyes need a break! And so do your fingers. Believe me!!!

11 Learn to be comfortable with the thoughts inside your head by just letting my mind run wild. Your brain needs the freedom to think and process and deal with the day. Your mobile blocks that as you fill it with more busy-ness and information. Give your mind 30 minutes to think, dream, process, clear out. You’ll find peace and ideas and answers within yourself that you didn’t even know you had!

12 The people around you matter – spend time with them, quality time. Your phone is most useful as a camera when you’re with people, that’s about it. So set it down and make the people around you feel like they matter! Maybe they’ll set theirs down too!

13 It is actually dangerous.. especially when walking or driving! You are less observant and often walk, or drive, or miss out on things. So why take the risk looking at your screen and just look at whats going on around you!

14 Wonder why you get a sore neck or shoulders? It means you’ve been on your phone far too long!! Think of the position you’re in when you use it.. head bent down, body posture pretty poor… makes sense that those aches or pains come from the huge amounts of times in unhealthy positions, repeatedly doing the same motions with your hands and fingers… cause yes, it is proven carpel tunnel is linked to your phone and repetitive strain injury!

15 There is a massive link between anxiety and depression when you’ve a high phone usage! Using your phone isn’t the main cause, but it doesn’t help at all.. you learn less how to live in the real world and more in the virtual, making the world around you harder to deal with and function in.

16 Productivity will increase – learn to block your time and get way more done.

17 Sedentary lifestyles are bad for your health – Mobiles phones really have made the couch potato life even more present in this world. This lifestyle of sitting or lying down throughout the day for hours on end (4 hours +) is linked to higher rates of preventable deaths as well as increasing migraines, blood pressure, anxiety, osteoporosis, and diabetes… so set the phone down and get walking, dancing, cooking or whatever else you can spend your time doing!

18 Your phone controls you, so take back your life and control it! How many times do you hear “I just need to check my phone?” Nope, you don’t. It has a control over your mental thinking. Be in control of your phone, don’t let it dictate how you spend your time. You never HAVE to check your phone, and when you do… check that missed call and don’t get distracted by 2 irrelevant notifications that turn into 45 minutes of your life gone you’ll not get back!

19 Learn to listen and understand people better – you’ll be more observant, find common ground with people and enjoy being with people more!

It is simple. Set that phone down and leave that mobile till you’re home in the evening or waiting in the car. Be part of the world, don’t let it pass you by and don’t watch it through a screen!

Megan Robinson – N. Ireland

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