My Family Project Story

One night in early November, I was awoken with some thoughts of my future.
I went to my desk and began to storyboard for the next two hours. Three words came from those hours that I’m extremely passionate about and want to put the rest of my life to: Family, Community and Missions.

From that night, we’ve launched a non profit organization called Lastleaf (go to for more details.) We have had the privilege of working with countries in South America, Central America, Europe and several stateside communities.

We’ve been developing the family side of Lastleaf called My Family Project and now we are excited to be launching our first product called FAMBOX ( go to for details.)
Our Mission is clear: Help Families Connect!

The way we accomplish this is two fold: products and experiences.
We understand how busy life gets so we’ve desire to give people the resources to connect on a regular basis. Products that are easy and fun to ones that help nurture your children. Experiences through our family labs, adventure weekends and family missions!

We look forward to being one small part of your story!

Jeff Davidson

Family Connector

20+ years of marriage, 3 incredible daughters and 20+ years in youth ministry is the backdrop of Jeff’s passion for families. In 2013, he started a non-profit called Lastleaf, which focuses on family, community and missions. Jeff has ministered around the world taking teams to countries in Central America, South America and Europe. Jeff desires to disciple families at home and around the world.

Kelli Kramer

Family Lab Specialist

Kelli and Curt have been married for over 25 years and have four amazing children with the oldest getting married in 2018. They have exemplified in so many ways what it means to lead a strong family. Their core values are centered around faith (the base of all their motives and choices), family (the priority that is priceless and should be treated as such), generosity (the attitude that giving a serving highlights less of ourselves and more of others) and fun (allowing joy, laughter and a lifetime of crazy memories to fill our home regardless of the various chapters of change).

Demetrious Reed


Demetrious has been married to Brittany for 15 years and has 2 beautiful daughters Brooklyn (14) and London 10). With a passion for entrepreneurship, marketing and design Demetrious wants to share his experience with others about the importance balance and putting family first.