BALANCE (A Real Honest Parent Moment)

I’ll admit it!! I struggled with achieving balance with our family! I remember a breaking point for me. I was taking my girls to school and we were running late. (which was kinda becoming the new routine) I made pancakes but breakfast had to happen in the car. As they finished them my one daughter said, “I don’t have a place to put my plate!” They had instruments, book bags and lunch boxes that filled their area so I took each plate and placed it under my driver’s seat. (while I was driving) As the three plates were clanking under my seat, I realized something had to change! We have an awesome family and my girls are great and I love them dearly but we were getting out of balance. We needed to refocus, regroup and get a new plan. We established some core values and made tangible goals. So… what’s on your plate? Where do you feel the unbalance in your family?

Here are just a few thoughts to start:

Release yourself from being perfect.
Find you best way of taking a time out and regroup.
Make your relationship with God and family a priority.
Recognize what is on your plate that needs to come off.

Then begin to set some values and goals to help your family.
FAMBOX was created to help get these started in a fun and meaningful way.

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